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Dear Friends, Partners, and Supporters,

It is with great excitement that I give you this update report on the 2017/2018 mission schedule. But first a brief history for those who may not know or do not remember.
We began mission travels in 1984 and every year since. In 1988 we took our first trip to the Philippines. Though the Philippines remain our primary focus other S.E. Asian countries remain in our travels along with Costa Rica. In April of 2013 we assumed the role of President/Director over the 16 church organization of SOWERS of the LIVING WORD MINISTRIES founded by Homer and Barbara Hall of Columbia, IA to which we are forever indebted for giving us this opportunity to serve the Sowers ministry while also carrying on with other worldwide mission ministry. 
This physical year of mission travel began October 19 to Nov. 7 to Costa Rica, Central America. On Dec. 5 we depart for the Philippines where we will make every effort to visit and encourage many of the 16 churches of Sowers during the months of December and January. Several of these churches are a long 10-hour drive from our Headquarters in La Trinidad, Benguet (Baguio City). On Jan. 6, 2018 we will be joined by our V.P., and Son-in-Law of Homer and Barb, David Beebout. We, all along with our Filipino leader counterparts, will have our annual meeting, plus meet with our 16 church leaders to determine the coming years events and the progress we have made.
Two major accomplishments that has occurred since 2013 is 1) we have completed nearly 85% of our Headquarters facility, and 2) have redone the Bylaws to reflect where we are today as a ministry. I want to thank ALL who have given sacrificially into this ministry to make all this happen. A much-needed Sowers vehicle ($10,000 to $15,000, used) is our next project, (email me for additional information).
All of this years travels, (Dec. 5, 2017 – May 2, 2018), will be in the Philippines except for one week in Malaysia and one week in India. The photographic and verbal journey will be found on my Facebook Timeline “Whom Fortythree,” or my Facebook Page at “World Harvest Outreach Ministries,” or our Website at www.whom43.org. If you would like an Email update please let me know.
Please continue to pray for our primary work of Sowers of the Living Word Ministries (SLWM). If you desire to partner with us in any designated area please contact me via email at whom43@gmail.com or at P.O. Box 217, Kamiah, ID 83536. For Tax Deductible designated Gifts please send to Living Word Fellowship, Philippine Missions, 321 E. Robinson St., Knoxville, IA 50138-2202.

In Christ we serve,

Wayne and Sarah Wasem

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